Call if you're interested in applying: 
Six to Eight Weekends/Year 
Outdoorsmen + Veteran Operators
Force-on-Force - Wilderness Survival - Dynamic Shooting - Homestead Preparedness 
$800.00 per event. Rough lodging included in most events. No ammo expense.* 
*Subject to availability. $650 per event if lodging not available.
July 12-14 2019:
Raid (force-on-force)
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah, The Homestead.
When: Arr. Fri. Night leave Sun. PM/Monday
Coached by Jeff Kirkham (Special Forces, Ret)
Why: Learn how to plan and execute a mission, including field tactics. Scenario based on the book Black Autumn. 
More: Participants will bring their own assault packs and will overnight in the field one night.
The team will receive all mission details and mission planning guides and maps two weeks beforehand and will have time to prepare command, strategy, comms, etc..
OpFor (Opposing Force) will be supplied by ReadyMan.
August 16-18, 2019 Homesteader Challenge.
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah, ReadyMan.
When: Arr. Fri. Afternoon leave Sunday Evening
How: Friday afternoon: Home Defense Force-on-force at the ReadyMan home defense laboratory. Then, wake up in a well-stocked homestead in middle of the SHTF. Your team will be met with numerous homesteader/primitive living challenges to test your experience and knowledge.  
Homestead Arts: Expert coaches in each area of homesteader skill.
Why: We'll test and learn (and hopefully learn from the RM guys who participate.) Three teams will compete for the Homesteader Challenge Trophy.
September 20-22, 2019 Bug Out/Forage.
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah, Homestead.
When: Arr. Fri. Night leave Sun. PM/Monday
How: Bugging Out overland and under-fire from Opposing Force. Foraging, hunting, gathering, mobil self-defense and primitive shelter-building.
Why: Like ReadyMan Challenge One, test the limits of your bug out plan and learn from SOF coaches and other survivalists. Force-on-force combat incidents with the IR Tactical combat simulator and serious wilderness bushcraft.
October 25-27, 2019 Reconnaissance.
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah, Homestead.
When: Arr. Fri. Night leave Sun. PM/Monday
How: Learn how to properly execute a Recon/Long-shooting Mission.
Why: Reconnaissance, intel and long-shooting are one of three basic mission sets: raid, recon and ambush. Learn to plan missions, gather intel and balance the value of various long-range weapon platforms.
January 3-5, 2020 Winter Big Game Hunting/Movement.
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah, Homestead.
When: Arr. Fri. Night leave Sun. PM/Monday
How: Move overland and hunting elk while remaining undetected by marauding humans who are hunting you at the same time.
Why: Experience big game hunting in a hostile threat environment while using winter survival skills and overland navigation to find and kill an elk in a team while avoiding detection and conflict with an opposing force.
May 2020 Dynamic Gunfighter.
Where: Utah, TBD.
When: Arr. Fri. Night leave Sun. PM/Monday
How: Learn the dynamic shooting method of American Operators, particularly the Kirkham/Hafer Dynamic system of moving and shooting.
Why: Vastly expand your practical firearm experience with dynamic moving and shooting at a dynamic target range. To be experienced with your own rifle, handgun and combat kit.
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