A dirty bomb in the Middle East. A small nuke outside Los Angeles. A few shadowy keystrokes by the Russians...

Coupled with Americans already at each other's throats, the finespun web of modern life shudders and tears. Called a "black swan event" by economists, the American Empire falls prey to the demons of its own ascendancy.

When it finally happens, even elite soldiers can scarcely keep their families alive.
*Because each book takes place during the same 17 day period, you can begin the series with any novel. Each one builds on the other, spoiler-free.
An excellent place to enter the Black Autumn world, three men travel through the mounting destruction, seeking asylum in the Rocky Mountains, but finding instead the nucleus of who they are as men. A jaded special operations soldier, a self-doubting family man and a once-pampered teenager make their way from three corners of the country toward a survival compound in the state of Utah, but they must first pass through a land of chaos and death―a land that will no longer allow them to hide behind post-modern artifice. With society on-the-ropes and Mother Nature on-the-rise, these three men must either re-invent themselves in a condition of honesty and savagery or perish with the rest of Western Civilization.
The epic novel that started it all. A U.S. Special Forces commando has been home barely a month when a Black Swan event cripples the rattled American society. His family and friends link up with a well-prepared group, but nobody is truly ready for the violence of a pampered America gone savage.
What kind of man sacrifices his country for his family? But...what kind of man sacrifices his family for his country? President Nathaniel “Dutch” McAdams and his family are swept away on Air Force One when a Black Swan event cripples the rattled American economy. Meant to be a safe-haven, he soon finds the violence in the air just as savage as the chaos on the ground. Dutch is running out of time, and he must choose between his own child or the fate of millions of Americans; most of whom are woefully unprepared and running blind in mass hysteria.
Black Autumn Conquistadors
What if a secretive cartel boss was also a prepper with delusions of empire? Gustavo Castillo greets the Black Autumn collapse of America with thousands of combat-skilled gangbangers and the might of the Northern Sonoran Mexican army behind him. Still he must navigate an all-but-dead U.S. National Guard and vicious pockets of patriot survivalists in order to gather the means of conquest. Even as he gains in military might, it all could come crashing down if his only daughter turns out to be either traitor or saint.

--July 2019--
Black Autumn Gunslingers
Trained by a former Green Beret in the dusty motherland straddling the Mexican border, Noah Miller finds himself swept into a border war between a brilliant cartel kingpin and his Latin American operator-led army. Noah must grieve his losses while confronting bone-deep questions of loyalty, faith and brotherhood.

--August 2019--
White Wasteland
Two months after the Black Autumn collapse ended America, Jeff Kirkham, Jason Ross, Chad Wade and Evan Hafer march forward into an uncertain future, heaped with responsibility for a Rocky Mountain band of survivors hanging on by a thread. As if depression, disease and starvation weren't enough, a band of religious radicals rise from the shattered fragments of the Mormon Church, threatening a civil war that will take everyone down with it, Mormon or not.

--Fall/Winter 2019--
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